Album Review: Gaffa Bandana – Fraught in Waves (Human Worth)

Featuring Gill Dread (Bruxa Maria) and Jennie Howell (So3ek, Sleeping Creatures, Gorse), Gaffa Bandana are a punk/noise duo whose debut album, Fraught in Waves was released on February 26th, 2021 via Human Worth.

‘Fraught in Waves’ explores themes of surviving our times and keeping our heads in the madness, through powerful hypnotic riffs and pummelling drums, pierced by the vocals of a demonic Siren screaming for unity and warning of our potential peril.

The embodiment of chaos, Gaffa Bandana bring a ton of noise. Filthy noise that has such a raw touch to it. The crashing and banging of instruments while the vocals are screeched out rather than sung. Though, that’s not to suggest there isn’t some level of rhythm to their music. It’s just really bloody weird or really bloody intense most of the time.

The latter, with opener Breakage and the former, with Charm Offensive before the combination is unleashed fully for the enormous Paralysis of Will. A mammoth that effort moves at two different speeds. One that is slow and grimy, and the other that is burning a little bright with virulent energy.



With some seriously chunky riffs and an in your face twisted touch, Evil Whispers is a highlight. Especially when it collapses into bedlam. The title track though, this is where it is at. The yelps of the guitars and vocals work alongside the crashing drum beat to perfection. A more ordered effort, where the repetitive rhythm gets under the skin and becomes impressively addictive to listen too.

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A star debut then wraps up with one last slice of punk anarchy in the form of One Wage Away. The weirdness of the mellow vocals against the barrage of noise, leading to an all-out eruption of noise and back again makes for one of the more unique sounding efforts. On an album filled with unique moments, that speaks volumes about this particular track.

A very impressive debut from Gaffa Bandana.


Gaffa Bandana – Fraught in Waves Full Track Listing:

1. Breakage
2. Charm Offensive
3. Paralysis of Will
4. Evil Whispers
5. Fraught in Waves
6. One Wage Away


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Gaffa Bandana - Fraught in Waves (Human Worth)
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