Album Review: Fulci – Exhumed Information (Time To Kill Records)

Acclaimed Italian death metal force Fulci once again conspires with Time to Kill Records to release the band’s third full-length album, Exhumed Information on July 23rd 2021.

The new album, entitled ‘Exhumed Information’, continues the paradigmatic experience of the band as a tribute to (cult Italian film director) Lucio Fulci’s filmography. The album is a concept based on the film “Voices from Beyond” (1991). This is not one of the most established and praised Fulci’s works, having actually been made in the final (low budget) phase of his career, yet it is still a very interesting giallo / horror enhanced by a peculiar dark aura.

Once again, Fulci draws inspiration not only from the death metal genre and greats like early Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Bolt Thrower, but the macabre thrills of 80’s horror soundtracks as well (Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Goblin).

One part, purely death metal. The other, conceived as a movie soundtrack with synth parts written and performed specifically for Fulci by the electro / soundtrack project TV-CRIMES.

An eerie intro; Autopsy’s cold synth melody, spoken word and childlike playful horror sound is uncomfortable so it’s actually a welcome shift into the old-school blast of death metal that comes with Voices. Nasty, aggressive, fast and very heavy. Fulci does death metal very well and this track is proof of that. Although, of course it does have that notable gothic horror edge which has the track bleed into the chunky and bilious Nightmare followed shortly by the crashing and banging vehemence of Evil.

The dark synth end of that track makes the transition into the short, burst of weird but brutal noise that is Funeral all the more palatable. Tomb is no-nonsense death metal, at least up until the extended horror-themed outro before it is time for a complete dark-synth offering in the form of Glass. It’s very cool, very chilling and very movie score like.

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The same goes for Child and Fantasma, which both have a few more peaks and valleys to help keep things fresh and interesting. This stuff is very unique and if you’re a fan of dark, horror-laden synth then you’re sure to love it.

The finale is the coldest and darkest sounding of the bunch. An outro that makes the bones ache through the sheer chill that emanates from the mellow synth.

This is a great album. Punchy and powerful death metal offset by excellent soundtrack style synth. Although you can see the album as two parts, they both fit quite nicely together to create an impressive tribute to Voices From Beyond.

Fulci – Exhumed Information Full Track Listing:

1. Autopsy
2. Voices
3. Nightmare
4. Evil
5. Funeral
6. Tomb
7. Glass
8. Child
9. Fantasma
10. Cemetery


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Fulci - Exhumed Information (Time To Kill Records)
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