Album Review: Arcane Marrow – The Elders Present To Me (Moonlight Cypress Archetypes)

Arcane Marrow is raw, primordial, cave-dwelling black metal from Tennessee. Their debut album ‘The Elders Present to Me’ will be released via Moonlight Cypress Archetypes on the 22nd of July, 2021.

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In a way, there is something comforting about the black metal simplicity that Arcane Marrow present on this debut album. Simplicity in that they are very much a ‘no frills’ band and showcase a blistering, devilish and primeval style of black metal here.

The length of each track might have you expecting deep and dark wanders into atmosphere but, while there are touches here and there, it’s very much focused on the absence of light. It’s music that awakens the primal fear that exists in all mankind. Sending us back to a time where we huddled around a campfire hoping that things with much bigger teeth stayed away.

It’s surprisingly refreshing and there’s no denying Arcane Marrow are able to not just deliver a strong experience but that they’re also able to keep it interesting. No easy task when the cacophony of instruments is pretty much unrelenting. At times, there seems to be almost no rhythm but it’s there. Reach out desperately, as though you’re falling into a deep and dark pit, and you might just be able to grasp it.

The sense of relief is short-lived though as it becomes clear the rope is heading the same way… downwards.

Arcane Marrow – The Elders Present to Me Full Track Listing:

1. Nocturnal Neanderthal Wisdom
2. Glacial Tears Flood the Primeval Plains
3. Before the First Notion of God
4. The Elders Present to Me
5. The Dismal Woods Receive Me
6. All Enveloping Black Harmony


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Arcane Marrow - The Elders Present To Me (Moonlight Cypress Archetypes)
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