Album Review: Foetal Juice – Masters of Absurdity (GrindScene Records)

Foetal Juice might have a silly name & lean towards a more tongue in cheek/filthy-minded/gore inspired kind of music but you’d be wrong to dismiss them based on this.

Their brand of death metal isn’t re-inventing the genre but it sure as hell does a great job of keeping it in the forefront of people’s minds. The album opener, Dutch Oven is a great example of this…a solid as hell song with a heaviness that claws at your brain. It steps it up on occasion by changing tempo & beat, something that helps keep it sounding fresh.

The differing vocal styles add a subtle layer to a lot of the music, throwing in just a dash of evil to the mix. This is quite prominent on the excellent Noneckahedron & The Leachate King. A double header that offers hard hitting drumming & brutal riffs.

It’s not music for everyone, realistically you have to have an ear for death metal already even if Foetal Juice are far more talented then a lot of their peers. Songs like Gin’ll Fix It & Nun So Vile are hard-hitting but with easily discernible riffs & beats. It makes for a much better listening experience.

In fact the latter of the two is one of the best songs in the album. A slow doomy intro that erupts in a circle pit of sweat & heavy metal horns. It only lets up at the end when it returns to the slower doom style but this time it adds in some fantastic guitar squealing that perks the ears up.

The final song More Hate, More Hell ends things on a high being one of the more catchier numbers on the 10 track album. Catchy in that it’s easier to sing along with! It’s further proof that Foetal Juice are more then just a joke band that play death metal, if you’ve never taken this band seriously…well, it’s probably time you did.

Full Track List:

1. Dutch Oven
2. Phantom Vision
3. Noneckahedron
4. The Leachate King
5. Brutal Tooth
6. Gin’ll Fix It
7. Grave Denied
8. Booze Locust
9. Nun So Vile
10. More Hate, More Hell

The album is due for release on the 25th November 2016 via Grindscene Records & you can pre-order it now by clicking on the link below.

Pre-order Foetal Juice’s new album: Masters of Absurdity here!

You can also check out the bands official YouTube channel & their official Facebook Page by clicking the links..

Foetal Juice - Masters of Absurdity (GrindScene Records)
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