Album Review: Fellwarden – Wreathed In Mourncloud (Eisenwald)

The genesis of Fellwarden began in 2014 – inspired by the rearing landscapes and quiet, understated majesty of the fells of North-Western England, Fen frontman The Watcher embarked on a quest to embody the ambience of the region through soaring, epic black metal. Envisaged from the outset as a studio-only project, Fellwarden permits The Watcher to truly push the limits of creative expression.

IAided by the percussive power of renowned drummer Havenless (now also of Fen), The Watcher spent several years crafting the material that would finally see the light of day on 2017 in the form of the acclaimed ‘Oathbearer’ debut full-length. Reflective guitar ambience, billowing synths and searing black metal fuse seamlessly to provide the backdrop to The Watcher’s tales of forgotten heroism, sacrifice and the eternal steadfastness of landscape.

As soon as the album was released to the world, attention then turned to crafting the follow-up – The Watcher had only begin to scratch the surface of what needed to be said and therefore spent the best part of two years sculpting a sophomore release. This expression is now finally ready to be unleashed to the world in the form of the full-length follow-up ‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’.

Out on June 26th 2020 via Eisenwald.

Every bit as epic and grand sounding as you could hope atmospheric black metal could be, Fellwarden deliver a classy album with Wreathed in Mourncloud. A 6-track (or 7 if you have the CD) tale that takes us trekking through ambient landscapes. Conjuring up images of never-before trodden paths, deep thickets that hide ancient secrets, dark corners and sunlight escapes. For atmosphere alone, Fellwarden nail it on their sophomore release.

On the black metal side of things, they certainly don’t slouch either. Able to turn unmistakable and unmissable beauty into savage ferocity in an instant. The melding of styles, light and dark, joining together to create what is effectively a saga. An unforgettable saga that never fails to impress and has to be listened to as one complete thing to really feel the experience.

That’s the important word too… feel. Wreathed in Mourncloud will make you feel. That can be no better praise then that. Fellwarden’s debut was impressive but this follow up is something else completely.

Fellwarden – Wreathed in Mourncloud Full Track Listing:

1. Pathmaker
2. Scafell’s Blight
3. A Premonition
4. Wreathed in Mourncloud
5. An Elder Reckoning
6. Upon Stone
7. Pathfinder (CD Bonus Track)


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Fellwarden - Wreathed In Mourncloud (Eisenwald)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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