Album Review: Stench Of Profit – No Place To Hide (Lethal Scissor Records)

Last year Italian grinders Stench Of Profit teased us with the Human Discount EP, a furious but oh so brief assault on the senses. The wait for the follow up has been interminable – but none of that matters any more. The full length debut album is finally here.

No Place to Hide will be released on June 23rd 2020 via Lethal Scissor Records.

The apocalypse is coming and with the Stench of Profit, there will be No Place to Hide. This grindcore debut is all about the sins of the world and what the destruction of our planet will mean.

Blasting through the 20 tracks that come in at around 36 minutes, Stench of Profit look to pulverise with a constant stream of violent metal noise. Like a juicy and pungent infection caused by the eruption and destruction of the planet. Sores and boils, pus and blood, vomit and shit…No Place is Hide is the disgusting and depressing last breaths of humanity.

That Stench of Profit are able to make such thoughts spin through the head is impressive. Every track, a constant blast of nuclear heat. There are very few moments that deviate from the breakneck speed, one such being the old timey outro of There Won’t Be A Place to Hide.

Remember what to do, friends? Now tell me right out loud, what are you supposed to do when you see the flash?

A chorus of kids replying ‘duck and cover’ in a sing-song voice. Chilling but effective stuff.

Stench of Profit – No Place to Hide Full Track Listing:

1. The Lake of Void
2. Earth is Bleeding
3. Permanent Cracks
4. Has the Countdown Started?
5. What’s Left? 2.0
6. Ruins
7. Controlled, Manoeuvred
8. From Who, From What?
9. There Won’t Be A Place to Hide
10. Hate For Our Counterparts
11. Nothing is Scarier Than the Unknown
12. Called Hate…
13. Aware?
14. Without Looking At the Past
15. Leeches 2.0
16. Every Little Piece 2.0
17. Brains on Sale 2.0
18. In the End What Will Be There Besides A Cry?
19. You Won’t Be Able to Hide Anymore
20. No Sun Tomorrow


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Stench Of Profit - No Place To Hide (Lethal Scissor Records)
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