Album Review: Fear Bound – Seize The Day (Self Released)

The five-piece machine that is Fear Bound hail from Cambridgeshire and originally formed in 2013. Released in June 2018, Seize the Day is the latest album from the melodic dread outfit.


After one of a legitimately funny intro, Fear Bound make sure you know they’re no comedy band with a fiery burst of melodic metal. Catchy as hell, it’s got groove for days as the guitars break and wash over the mind while the vocals exude power and poise. A really catchy listen, it’s Fear Bound laying the marker down.

No bother for Semi Deus which has a similarly high tempo and delivers violent jabs to the temple. Call of the Void is then a ringing indictment of just how fast and complex the guitars can be on this album. An impressive array of riffs, hooks and wild shredding. These Brits can bloody play.

Don’t let that make you think the any other instrument is lacking in oomph though. The vocals are consistently on the stronger end of the scale with their throat shredding quality and the drums batter away to the point of extreme pleasure.

Rise is a far chunkier beast emphasising that ‘dread’ quality Fear Bound boast, Black Pyre veers into speed metal territory while continuing to batter away at the senses and Tethered is out and out hyperactive heaviness. A trio of tracks that cement the excess nature and high quality of this album.

Barely putting a foot wrong, there are no complaints to made here and it’s really exciting to see such high quality melodic metal coming out of the UK. From the latter part of the album it’s the title track that most will remember though. Such a unique closer, it’s that little darker and that little more twisted.

Fear Bound – Seize the Day Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Desolate
3. Semi Deus
4. Call of the Void
5. Rise
6. Black Pyre
7. Tethered
8. Weak
9. Futile
10. Seize the Day




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Fear Bound - Seize The Day (Self Released)
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