Album Review: Excretion of Mortality by Cerebral Rot (20 Buck Spin)

American doom/death metallers, Cerebral Rot, released their second full length album, Excretion of Mortality on the 25th of June via 20 Buck Spin.

They made some waves with their brutal debut, 2019’s Odious Descent into Decay, and are looking to capitalise on that momentum with this quick follow up. The 4 piece of Zach Nehl in bass, Drew O’Bryant on drums, Clyle Lindstrom on guitars and Ian Schwab on guitars and vocals are heaving with talent and experience from time in extreme bands like Cauterized, Chronic Tomb and Caustic Wound.

Cerebral Rot Excretion of Mortality line up

So a new album, but from experienced heads is what we get with Excretion of Mortality. With 7 tracks and a 47 minute run time, there’s a lot of meat on the bones starting with the title track, Excretion of Mortality. If you don’t know much about Cerebral Rot beforehand, it takes less than a minute to understand what you are in for. A cavernous sound, raw and dirty with vicious and swampy death/doom riffs. The slow, steady stomping rhythm threatens to swallow you up as the repetitive nature of the lead guitar worms its way into your mind.

Cerebral Rot know how to make an impact and the heavy shroud of filth that envelops you with Excretion of Mortality does exactly that. Dirty, swampy and aggressive, without needing to be delivered at 100 mph, it’s a cracking start. Vile Yoke of Contagion keeps the quality up with a quicker intro where the drums echo through your skull before we settle into the monstrous vocals and stomping riff. The lead guitar again comes in with a higher tone that makes you feel a little queasy. Something that would please the band I’m sure. Throughout that heavy, weighty feel stays wrapped around you as the drums batter out rhythms and the riffs shale you to the core.

Spewing Purulence has a wicked rhythm to it’s intro, the sort you just have to move around to and get those neck muscles working. The overall fuzzy, raw feel works really well and definitely generates that sucker punch feel but it’s the punchy rhythms, the drums and the screaming guitars that I find myself really enjoying. Bowels of Decrepitude brings more of the same. The drums are just mesmerising, absolutely hook you in. I like the more charged pace of this one. While there have been bursts of pace across Excretion of Mortality so far, this one feels more fired up.

The venomous, deep growled vocals are the stuff of nightmares and really sit into the musical atmosphere nicely. There is another nauseating guitar solo that feels a bit out of place other than to have that sickening impact. We then get down to the really slow, stomping doom beat and another solos that absolutely belongs.

Drowned in Malador is a long one at over 7 minutes long. Its probably stretched a bit too long for me and I find it a little repetitive by the end but until that point, expect more venomous vocals, dirty riffs, big drum blasts. The extra time lets Cerebral Rot play around a bit and the little bass intermissions are awesome. I imagine them reverberating in a small venue. It would be awesome. Retching Innards is a lovely name right? It’s filthy and overly descriptive and perfect for Cerebral Rot.

I like the pinch harmonics in the intro but again its that huge punchy drum beat and riff that gets your head moving. It almost feels like the wrong word for this band but it’s catchy. Or maybe infectious is the better word. Whatever it is, it works. My head is banging and I feel like I need a shower to wash the filth away. I could listen to the drum tone for days and it combines with the fuzzy riffs perfectly. Everything just fits.

And so this dark and dirty adventure comes to a close with the longest song and the longest title. Crowning the Distgustulent (Breed of Repugnance) is over 11 minutes long and is here to finish you off and make sure you leave with a lasting memory, or scar, from Excretion of Mortality. The gentle, sombre melody in the intro lulls you in nicely before eventually descending into a crunch of drums and drawn out riffage.

I love the instrumentation in this one. Again, it’s infectious with lashings of groove mixed in with the dark and sludgy atmosphere. I think that is a real plus point and it makes them a little more accessible without having to give up any of their signature disgust or dark atmosphere. Throughout this closing mammoth of a song, we move through different phases predominantly led by the insane drum skills on show. Grooving sections, more chaotic parts where the vocals rip through you – there is a lot of quality on offer and the 11 minutes passes at lightning speed.

Not my normal go to style, Cerebral Rot have convinced me with Excretion of Mortality. Maybe it is the slightly more accessible nature, maybe it is just the fact that it’s damn good metal. I don’t know, but I really enjoyed this album. The drums are out of this world and I love the depth to each riff. The vocals are good, really heavy and meaty and the guitar offers little repetitive lines and flourishes which elevate songs at just the right time and just the right places.

Cerebral Rot are a top quality outfit with clear skills and Excretion of Mortality is a superb showcase of all they have to offer. Filthy, stomping darkness with just enough groove and punch to keep everyone invested and entertained.

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Excretion of Mortality is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Grab a copy, digital or physical, from 20 Buck Spin here.

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Excretion of Mortality by Cerebral Rot (20 Buck Spin)
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