EP Review: Vessel – Behind The Walls (Golden Robot Records)

Israeli metallers Vessel will release their debut EP ‘Behind the Walls’ on the 9th of July 2021 via Golden Robot Records.

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The band emerged back in early 2018 in Tel-Aviv (Israel), aka the city that never sleeps, to cover their greatest influences of hard rock and heavy metal. Soon after, they committed to playing their own original material. Through Vessel, Bruno, Ariel, Mark and Mor found themselves in the journey of modernizing the old school heavy metal we all love. They believe hard rock and metal took a wrong turn somewhere in history, and they are on their way to straighten the wheel and make their old idols proud.

Vessel’s first EP ‘Behind the Walls’ is an invitation to a 5-song ride that will connect an old soul with a modern body.

Heavy freaking metal. Vessel embody it and deliver a glorious love-letter to the never-dying sound. All while avoiding sounding dated or like nothing more than a tribute band. This 5-track EP is very much Vessel doing their own thing and it is glorious.

Uncomplicated but littered with an impressive array of riffs, hooks and punchy patterns. It’s a constant source of head-banging gold. Least of all the extraordinary vocals that reach throat-searing highs while still sounding weathered and dangerous.

Take your pick. Most of the tracks offer electrifying energy and horn-throwing heaviness. The only oddity is Shape of the Devil as it’s a more mellow metal ‘ballad’. One with a dusty and wind-swept twang that powers up as it goes on but still has that classic ‘lighters out’ feel.

A great debut.

Vessel – Behind the Walls Full Track Listing:

1. Keep Running
2. First Rain
3. Shape of the Devil
4. Overdrive
5. Behind the Walls


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Vessel - Behind The Walls (Golden Robot Records)
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