Album Review: Evil Warriors – Fall From Reality (War Anthem Records)

German black metallers, Evil Warriors will release their second full length album, Fall From Reality on the 19th January 2018 via War Anthem Records (CD & LP versions) and Into Endless Chaos Records (Tape edition).

Evil Warriors 1

Featuring members of Antlers, I I and Bloody Vengeance, Evil Warriors are a brutal & nasty black metal outfit. Delivering raw & rough sounding heaviness that has a deeply profound effect on the listener.

Utterly devastating in its attack, the title track roars like a hungry beast having just been woken up. A constant hammering of extreme noise, the guitars are the nails and the drums the mallet as the hellish vocals encourages the blood to flow.

Excess brings a bit more rhythm to the scathing assault but it’s brief as Pillow Of Cold Water stops the niceties for another slab of pure black metal heaviness.

It’s almost shocking that after about 18 minutes of brutalising, Reincarnation begins with some soft guitar melody. An unexpected breather, one that is very welcome even if you’re just waiting for ferocious riffs & screeching blackness to return. Which it does very quickly, however there is something about this track that feels more alive, more structured & more complete.

In fact the latter half of the album heavily improves on bringing some order to the chaos. Idleness and Doom is a thrilling & dark effort while Mania and Passion absolutely wrecks house with bellowing guitar riffs & the most ferocious drumming heard so far.

The expectation of boredom is never realised & by time the mournful Worthless Wretch and the sublime rhythmic evilness of All the Stars finishes things off you’ll be well and truly satisfied.

One of the best old-school, more extreme black metal releases in quite a while. A hell of a bar setting release from Evil Warriors.

Evil Warriors 2

Evil Warriors – Fall From Reality Full Track Listing:

1. Fall From Reality
2. Excess
3. Pillow of Cold Water
4. Reincarnation
5. Idleness and Doom
6. Mania and Passion
7. Worthless Wretch
8. All the Stars

You can order the album now via War Anthem Records, Into Endless Chaos Records & earlier releases on Bandcamp. Find out more about Evil Warriors over on Facebook.

Evil Warriors - Fall From Reality (War Anthem Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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