Album Review: Escape is Not Freedom – Surrounded by the Great Nothing (Self Released)

Chicago trio Escape is Not Freedom blend elements of rock, sludge and noise while incorporating melody and catchy riffs. Their new album ‘Surrounded By The Great Nothing’ will be released on April 1st 2020.

With deep gut troubling rumbles, Surrounded by the Great Nothing begins with the grimy and grubby sounds of Brick. The echo of the bass rattling around the head before the trio surge forth with noise rock energy. It’s a heavy intro that certainly makes you sit up straighter.

The noise rock elements are then expertly melded with the more rhythmic and riff-driven Boomslang. Before the mellow grungy effort of Freezer Burn transforms slowly into a crunchy heavy effort.

Just a handful of tracks in, Escape is Not Freedom are certainly not afraid to show off just how eclectic they are as a band. Just look at the melodic perspective that Ruined Ground has or the depressing tone of Rhea. Although, they’re often at their most startling when letting rip as they do on Drinking Bleach and Slowly Falling off a Cliff.

The latter actually has some meaty groove to it as well as a delightfully morose drop in volume.

However, the gargantuan effort that is Leonard can’t be ignored. A track that is incredibly wild but layered with buzzing melodies and long rhythm segments. This is an outstanding effort from a band with a hell of a lot of imagination within their ranks.

Escape is Not Freedom – Surrounded by the Great Nothing Full Track Listing:

1. Brick
2. Boomslang
3. Freezer Burn
4. Drinking Bleach
5. Leonard
6. Ruined Ground
7. Underwater Birth
8. Slowly Falling Off A Cliff
9. Acid Blood
10. Rhea




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Escape is Not Freedom - Surrounded by the Great Nothing (Self Released)
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