Album Review: Epoch of Chirality – Nucleosynthesis (Self Released)

Epoch of Chirality brings an epic amalgamation of metal with soundscapes straight out of an 80s Sci-fi movie soundtrack. Richard How, based in the South West of England, is the experienced multi-instrumentalist, composer and self-confessed Sci-fi geek behind the project. The debut album Nucleosynthesis follows the release of the Dawn of Chirality EP in 2020 which saw the project begin to emerge into our world; offering a tantalising taste of what is to come. It will be released on July 23rd, 2021.

A thrilling sci-fi epic, Nucleosynthesis transports the mind to distant places and far away times. Nine tracks of eerie, weird and interesting synth and effects blended with chunky and chuggy heavy metal. The instrumental heaviness is wonderfully balanced with sounds ripped straight from your favourite 80’s sci-fi movie. You know the types; where the future was something like 2020 and the worlds were always dystopian.

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A track like Undercity Rising nails that while also having a videogame style sound to it, sort of like blasting your way through a level in Doom or something. Whereas Cavern to the Midnight Mountain’s middle-eastern twang stands out and the moody, dark synth of Pyramid Cybergod feels both ancient and other-worldly. Absolutely wonderful.

Playful and weird, Maiden Voyage is a highlight just because it is so different to everything else on the album. Whereas once again, The Abyssal Fleet has a video game feel, this time something like Warcraft II: The Dark Saga.

It’s such a blast and the punchy hit of Labyrinth, one of the most progressive sounding tracks on the album, and the energetic Paradox confirm that. It’s a clever, interesting and fun listen that nails the combination of sci-fi effects and heavy freaking metal.

Epoch of Chirality – Nucleosynthesis Full Track Listing:

1. Dawn Of Chirality
2. Undercity Rising
3. Caravan to the Midnight Mountain
4. Boreal
5. Pyramid Cybergod
6. Maiden Voyage
7. The Abyssal Fleet
8. Labyrinth
9. Paradox


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Epoch of Chirality - Nucleosynthesis (Self Released)
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