Album Review: Epitimia – Allusion (Onism Productions)

Hailing from St. Petersburg, The City Of White Nights, built upon the bones of the lost and displaced, Epitimia have carved out their own niche within the black metal scene. Their music is riven with heartache, instilled with a sense of separation and isolation.

Epitimia’s sixth album, Allusion is a pivotal release in their career, with each of the songs being a complete reimagining of themes from the band’s past. It represents a doorway to their future and a revealing of the true power that has always flowed like a hidden, underground stream through their previous albums. They have also found their way to Onism Productions, a new English label who are fast gaining a reputation for releasing albums of remarkable creativity and extraordinary imagination. On October 23rd 2020 Allusion will step from the shadows into the starlight and sing its siren song to those with ears to hear and hearts to understand.

Dejected and melancholic, Epitimia’s version of atmospheric black metal is one to darken the very sky rather than just the mind. While it has all the hallmarks of the brutal sound it is based in, Epitimia coat their harshness with unbelievable level of sensitive atmosphere. It’s pitilessly stunning, the maelstrom arriving with force and battering the senses.

It’s comprehensive and complexity driven metal, not unique in regard to atmospheric metal but thoroughly memorable none the less.

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Epitimia take an almost comforting approach to the forlorn sound while never straying far from the horror that black metal can inflict. A masterful approach that serves up one 2020’s most thrilling dark and cold releases.

For 54 minutes, let Epitimia chill your bones and soul, the seven tracks of Allusion will provide the soundtrack to dark times.

Epitimia – Allusion Full Track Listing:

1. Clue I – Animist
2. Clue II – Melencolia I
3. Clue III – Waiting for the Doom
4. Clue IV – I Aspire Like a Bird
5. Clue V – Altered State of Consciousness
6. Clue VI – Schizophrenia
7. Clue VII – Post Scriptum


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Epitimia - Allusion (Onism Productions)
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