Album Review: Ennui – End of the Circle (Non Serviam Records)

Formed in 2012 by David Unsaved in the city of Tbilisi, Georgian duo Ennui explores a variety of styles within the genres of funeral doom and death metal. After years of intense work, Ennui is proud to present their fourth album, End of the Circle which contains three epic songs. End of the Circle will be out via Non Serviam Records on digipak CD and digitally on September 5th 2018.

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Be under no illusions, End of the Circle is an investment. This is an album that you sit down, turn everything off, close your eyes and just try to enjoy. Each track requires your undivided attention starting with the 30+ minute title track.

Evocative soundscapes, echoing doom and horrifying death metal. It has it all and then some. It’s a track that unsettles the mind and makes the stomach acids bubble and boil. An uncomfortable listen, the consistent dark and heavy beat weighs you down and there is no relief in sight. Brief injections of pace, signalled by the drums and the vocal howls add some layers to the track but it’s the constant bludgeoning of the doom that influences.

By the time it ends, you have to wonder if Ennui will be able to follow such a huge track but with The Withering Part I – Of Hollow Us they not only do that but arguably better it too. Only coming in at just over 20 minutes this time, the funeral doom of the band really rears its ugly head here. A slow, methodical beat that is akin to a march of death and vocals that are at their most demonic. Melodic drops and tempo changes keeps things interesting ensuring this is the track that really stands out.

This phenomenal effort ends with another 20-minute track, The Withering Part II – Of Long-Dead Stars. Following a similar formula set out by Part I, the beat is kept low, heavy and slow filling the mind with horrid thoughts and disgusting imagery. You’ll have nightmares for weeks afterwards.

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Ennui – End of the Circle Full Track Listing:

1. End of the Circle
2. The Withering Part I – Of Hollow Us
3. The Withering Part II – Of Long-Dead Stars



You can order the album via Non Serviam Records here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more about Ennui by liking their Facebook Page.


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Ennui - End of the Circle (Non Serviam Records)
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