Album Review: Endless Voyage X – Those Who Time Forgot (Fragile Branch)

Endless Voyage X is the solo project of Jake taking on themes of the ocean, darkness, as we all as personal thoughts and philosophies. Those Who Time Forgot will be released on May 26th 2017 via Fragile Branch.

Endless Voyage 1

Those Who Time Forgot blends black metal with doom to create a 4 track album that resonates both physically & spiritually. It makes you want to draw those you love closer to you thanks to its dark sound & cold themes but is also filled with many melodic & uplifting moments. Each song offers something a little different but all result in leaving a big smile across your face.

A solo project, the talent on display here is undeniable. Far From Home’s gorgeous riffs, methodical drum beat & black metal vocal wails begin things off strongly but it’s on Perpetual Misfortune that things really step up.

Sounding like a procession to doom, the slow beat alongside some really nasty sounding echoing vocals is outstanding. It delivers on all fronts, heavy as anything, dark & brooding
& filled with imaginative atmosphere.

Melancholy’ title is apt as it’s just 4 minutes of guitar strumming melody that has a real sadness about it. It’s sweet sounding but goes on a little too long. It’s a relief when it ends & At One With the Abyss brings back the metal in a big way. The longest song on the album, it is also the most satisfying & ensures Those Who Time Forgot ends on high. A thoroughly fine piece of work especially when you consider its all the work of one man.

Endless Voyage 2

Endless Voyage – Those Who Time Forgot Full Track Listing:

1. Far From Home
2. Perpetual Misfortune
3. Melancholy
4. At One With the Abyss

You can pick up Endless Voyage X’s music over on Bandcamp & listen to some of the project’s music on Soundcloud. You can also find out more about Endless Voyage X over on Facebook.


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Endless Voyage X - Those Who Time Forgot (Fragile Branch)
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