Horror Movie Review: Shrooms (2007)

A group of walking clichés are on a trip into the countryside of Ireland for the sole reason of getting high off the mushrooms that grow out there. Tara (Lindsey Haun) ends up eating a deathcap mushroom after being told not to & suffers a seizure. Afterwards she is able to see future events when entering a kind of trance…but she can’t control it.

Shrooms 3

She sees all her friends & herself being killed off by a hooded & cloaked killer which may or may not be related to a local ghost story. A story that relates to a crazed monk who worked in a children’s home nearby.

Unsurprisingly the cast begin to get picked off by a hooded & cloaked killer. Tara tries to use her visions to save everyone but they always seem to come too late. Coincidental, eh?

Shrooms 1

Throw in a whole load of attempts to give the film a ‘trippy’ feel, two random hicks that are bit ‘rapey’ & a twist that is so obvious it’s almost insulting & what you have is a way below average slasher horror movie.

Shrooms was  popular when it first came out in 2007. Looking at it now, that makes no sense. It doesn’t have an original bone in its entire body. The cast are incredibly forgettable with only Tara standing out because she has most of the screen time.

Shrooms Pic 2

Add that they are all extremely unlikable & you’re left with a group of victims that you couldn’t care less about. The attempt to pad out the run-time with the two hick characters (Ernie and Bernie) falls flat as their motivation for their behaviour is very suspect. This is Ireland in the late noughties not Texas in the seventies.

Shrooms 5

The drug induced moments are boring & silly (talking cows!) but become absolutely absurd once the big twist is revealed. Oh yeah, Shrooms is a movie that is so proud of its twist. There is no doubt that when it was written there was a whole load of back-slapping & ass-patting going on.

Maybe, just maybe if you’re not watching the movie properly…. doing something else with just one eye on it. Then maybe you might be fooled by the revelation at the end but anyone paying a decent amount of attention will see this coming a mile off. It even has the balls to try & sequel bait in its closing moments too!

Shrooms 4

That is of course if you manage to get that far into one of the most boring slasher flicks of the last 20 years. Seriously, the best thing about this movie is the DVD cover…

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