Album Review: Embryonic Devourment – Heresy of the Highest Order (Unique Leader Records)

Death metal noise mongers, Embryonic Devourment not only recently signed to Unique Leader Records but have a brand-new album to assault the masses with. Called ‘Heresy of the Highest Order’, the new album will be released on February 25th, 2022.

Brutal. Which should probably come as no surprise to most but particularly those who have been following Embryonic Devourment’s career to date. Heresy of the Highest Order is a nasty, guttural and meaty slab of death metal but what really makes it such an abrasive listen, is the technical sharpness. This is way more than just a blast of uncompromising heaviness, it’s smart and challenging heaviness. You might need to take notes as you head-bang yourself into oblivion.

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It’s a very strong start with a track inspired by the American conspiracy theorist and author who claims to have been a victim of a government mind control program called Project Monarch. Embryonic Devourment creating a strong sense of not being in control with scathing guitars, headache inducing percussion and nauseating vocals. A fascinating listen. Whereas the title track is chaos, though not at first, as the band take a methodical approach to the heavy rhythm. Before unleashing a blast of noise that would make Cannibal Corpse proud.

Two tracks, two different approaches and two in your face hits of death metal. You can already tell that Embryonic Devourment are doing things a bit different here. Even a straight-forward slab of technical savagery such as High Clearance Code Access is littered with maddening tempo shifts and coarse twists.

An enjoyably nonsensical start to It Began with Lizards gives way to complex instrumentation before Manipulation of the Senses delivers a rage-fuelled blast of dark intensity. Murder of the Ancients is a return to the more technical and drawn-out savagery, something that Embryonic Devourment continue to excel at. The vocals on this track are at their spitting and snarling best.

Coming to an end, it’s two more skull-crushing and bone-grinding efforts with Never Ending Human Suffering and The Lucid Dreamer. The former, Embryonic Devourment making the other-worldly touches that run through this album like a vein, all the more prominent. All while continuing their insane assault of technical barbarism. Just like the latter, which focuses on painful jabbing speed.

A monstrous release.

Embryonic Devourment – Heresy of the Highest Order Full Track Listing:

1. Kathy O’Brian
2. Heresy of the Highest Order
3. High Clearance Code Access
4. It Began with Lizards
5. Manipulation of the Senses
6. Murder of the Ancients
7. Never Ending Human Suffering
8. The Lucid Dreamer




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Embryonic Devourment - Heresy of the Highest Order (Unique Leader Records)
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