Band Interview: Llyn Y Cwn

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are pleased to bring you an interview with Ben Powell of field recording based dark ambient project, Llyn Y Cwn. Llyn Y Cwn (Welsh – lake of the dogs) is a small lake at 715m in the Glyder mountain range of Snowdoina, North Wales.

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1. How did you get started as a band?

When I was in my late teens I was playing guitar in local cover bands, but I quickly realised it wasn’t going to go anywhere, I bought a 4 track, guitar multiFX and a drum machine and started experimenting. The technology has changed over the years, but I’m still experimenting.

2. How would you describe your sound?

A canvas of field recordings painted over with the sound of the holes in between the notes.



3. What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music?

I am as inspired by the soundtracks to films as I am by musicians, I’d have to list David Lynch and his sound design high up there, especially Eraserhead.

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

I think that Bandcamp has changed everything, Spotify less so.

I love the fact that it is now possible to self publish a video to accompany the music, something that 20 years ago was only really possible via MTV.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

I spend as much time as I can out in my campervan away from the masses.

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

I think there will be a few gigs to support this album, potentially a festival date in the summer.