Album Review: Embr – 1823 (New Heavy Sounds)

US quartet Embr will release their debut album ‘1823’ on the 17th July 2020 through UK label New Heavy Sounds.

It is worth stating that the title 1823 has special significance. It’s not just a numerical title, it has substance. Eric Bigelow (drummer) has been on the list for a kidney for around 4 years.

Eric received a kidney transplant in May of 2019. This happened right in the middle of writing the album. The kidney was from a deceased donor and all Eric and Crystal Bigelow (singer and Eric’s wife) know about the donor is that it was a young woman between the ages of 18-23. The album is dedicated to the donor and the surgeons at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville TN.

What an incredible story and what an incredible tribute. 1823 touches the heart and soul even before the first doomy and ethereal note has even rung out.

Led by an impressive vocal performance that exudes power and poise, the thickness of the riffs adds the extra bite. It’s doom but certainly not controlled by it, instead Embr showcasing an attractive dream-like state of mind. One that takes on many different eclectic forms as it drifts through murky scenes and across wide breadths of beautiful heaviness.

The tracks flow wonderfully together, the absolute beast that is Powder being one of the truly outstanding moments. One amongst many though. Even if doom isn’t your preferred genre, you’ll find yourself well and truly taken in here.

The time spent with Embr just flies by and you can’t help but marvel at the masterpiece that is this album.

Embr – 1823 Full Track Listing:

1. Pruient
2. Where I’ve Been
3. Stranger
4. Powder
5. Eyes Like Knives
6. Your Burden
7. Vines




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Embr – 1823 (New Heavy Sounds)
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