Album Review: Elden – Nostromo (Fuzzorama Records)

Elden believes in the power of heavy metal riffs, melodic choruses and an all out head banging experience. Formed in 2012 in Karlstad, Sweden, the band started writing songs influenced by artists like Mastodon, Baroness, The Sword and classic bands from the 70´s and 80´s. They recorded and released their first demo one year later and performed on a regular basis at local venues. Come 2015, Elden released their first EP and started touring across the country.

Having built a small following of both local and international fans the band started developing their sound, taking their songwriting in an interesting direction – even heavier riffs, more distinct vocals and an overall more impressive production.

Their debut album “Death and Fear” hit the shelves in November 2016 and now, having been picked up by critically acclaimed label Fuzzorama Records, Elden will release their new album “Nostromo” on the 24th of January 2020. Inspired by the cold darkness of time and space.

Presumably named after the ship in the original Alien movie (1979), Elden’s Nostromo sets the mind aflame with potential as the cold and dark intro of Relapse plays out. It conjures up imagery of vast emptiness so it might come as something of a surprise to find Sail & Savour brimming with life.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s got an other-worldly vibe to it but the groovy progressiveness is unexpected. Not unwelcome at all though as the rocking clarity of the rhythmic melodies and dank metal heaviness sounds awesome.

With Anubis we get a hotter tempo, the deep chug of guitars and impressive vocal range proving to be a tasty morsel. Before the main course of the rich Fossilised and utterly filling Heavy Rain. After a couple of faster numbers that distracted from the inspiration of the cold darkness of time and space, it’s the latter that brings it back front and centre. There’s moodiness to the melody, slightly off-beat but still affecting and interesting. Starting it off in fine form before it goes for a knockout blow with eerie heaviness.

The title track doesn’t wait around. A little bit of ringing guitars giving way to a destructive sounding bit of super groovy rhythm. The technical proficiency here is off the charts and it’s also one of the albums more impressive vocal performances.

With the end in sight, it’s certainly surprising but again, not unwelcome to get a track that draws from the well of doom and thrash with Creature Follows. Partially slow and chunky, partially hyper-paced fury and partially Elden, it’s bloody great.

The Passage is a pallete cleanser, 2 minutes of disconnected melody before Two Faced Wizard ends things in some serious style. Coming in at just short of 10 minutes, it is nothing short of spectacular. The showcase of just what this band is capable of. From the fuzzy doom heaviness to the sultry vocals to the speedy riffing to the crashing noise that see the track and the album out. A 10/10 track there alone.

The album overall though? It’s mighty damn close.

Elden – Nostromo Full Track Listing:

1. Relapse
2. Sail & Savour
3. Anubis
4. Fossilised
5. Heavy Rain
6. Nostromo
7. Creature Follows
8. The Passage
9. Two Faced Wizard


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Elden - Nostromo (Fuzzorama Records)
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