Album Review: Black Despair – Death of the Sun (Cosmic Frequency Records)

Black Despair are a melodic death metal band from Japan. It was formed in 2006 when the guitarist Takuya Yada moved to London in 2008 and met the former singer Andre S Cura.

They started writing their own songs and played in London with former bassist Daniel King and drummer Trevor George. Before Takuya had to go back to Japan. they decided to release their debut album ‘Broken System, Bring Chaos’ in 2013.

In 2016, Takuya went back to London and the band did a 4 show small UK tour. It went well but the band had to make a decision on what they would do going forward, choosing to base themselves in Japan.

The second album was released in the Summer of 2019 and is entitled, Death of the Sun.

Sharp guitar squeals is certainly not a Silent Warning but rather an indication of what we can expect throughout Death of the Sun. We can expect a ton of guitar riffs, humongous hooks, the odd solo and plenty of melodies all wrapped up in a furious death metal bow.

Don’t let the intro confuse you, this is a very heavy and very energetic record. Black Despair bringing melodic death metal from a country we don’t normally associate with it. If that doesn’t make it worth checking out, I don’t know what is.

Well, that’s not strictly true as there is an even better reason for checking Death of the Sun out and it’s very simple.

It’s a 14-track banger. Simple, right?

Black Despair have really done well here, producing a hefty slice of death metal pie but serving it up with a side of creamy melodies and zingy rockiness. It’s delicious and even when full, you can’t help but find yourself sneaking another mouthful over and over again.

The metal explusion of Dead Star in the ears is only matched by the effortless way the band deliver uplifting and catchy rhythm on Fireflies in the Garden. Then there is One Word, One Miracle that sees the band match a galloping death metal groove with screaming solos and exciting heaviness. Or the unexpected epic that is Mirrors Edge, a track that will have anyone and everyone who hears it head-banging as if their lives depended on it.

I’m so impressed. Death of the Sun is a must listen for fans of melodic death metal.

Black Despair – Death of the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Silent Warning
2. Dead Star
3. Blood in the Sand
4. Fireflies in the Garden
5. 13th Hour
6. Heavy Rain
7. One Word, One Miracle
8. Peace in Chaos
9. Cage
10. Extinction in a Space
11. Mirrors Edge
12. You’re Lead to Lie
13. The Sheltering Sky – Axemen 2
14. Inner Universe


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Black Despair - Death of the Sun (Cosmic Frequency Records)
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