Album Review: Egor Lappo – Trancevoicer (Self Released)

Egor Lappo is a solo artist due to release his brand-new album ‘Trancevoicer’ on March 19th 2021.

A concept album about two warring worlds. The story follows a renegade who decides to betray his home planet to save another one from occupation after cosmic catastrophe. Through his journey, other turncoats join him in pursuit of a detached but peaceful life. Both worlds reach the brink of destruction in the end: one from stubbornness, mistrust and solar flares, and another from possession, greed and wars.

Spacey ambience mixed with progressive rock and softer, poppier elements, Egor Lappo certainly takes the listener on an interstellar journey here. One that avoids the pitfalls of prog that include drawn out and overly extensive tracks. Each of the ten on offer here, kept concise and flowing. It makes for a much more relaxed edge without lacking the feeling of grandeur such a space themed album should have.

The sense of wonder begins immediately with the lightness of The Renegade, where the ambience fits beautifully alongside heavier guitar rhythms and pop-style vocals. The ambience is then enhanced to send the mind spiralling through the cosmos on Dreamworld before Turncoat Allies gets even more colourful, a fair bit chunkier that results in a more imposing sounding.

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So far, so good with this display of outstanding space-themed progressive rock. It just keeps on getting better too. As Contention’s strong eerie synth vibe, The Mask of Kindness’ punchier guitar riffs and Ship 1426’s 80’s danceable classiness offer up variety, but still sound exactly like they belong on this epic galactic trip.

At this stage, it is very easy to find yourself lost amongst the stars of Trancevoicer but maybe you’re after something with a bit more bite to the guitars? Well, Egor Lappo has you sorted with the short instrumental Under the W (once you get past the dreamy Final Fantasy style effects at the start). Followed by the wild flurry of effects and guitars that force the excellent Sparks in the Night into the brain. Talk about fireworks going off.

Which makes the calming drift of On Such a Sad Note all the better, the guitar solo is a particular high point. Before the journey ends with the powerful and uplifting melodies of With You. A top finish and an elegant closer to a very elegant album overall.

Egor Lappo – Trancevoicer Full Track Listing:

1. The Renegade
2. Dreamworld
3. Turncoat Allies
4. Contention
5. The Mask of Kindness
6. Ship 1426
7. Under the W
8. Sparks in the Night
9. On Such a Sad Note
10. With You


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Egor Lappo – Trancevoicer (Self Released)
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