Album Review: Egor Lappo – Naturealism (Self Released)

Solo artist Egor Lappo is back with a brand-new album, a concept release called ‘Naturealism’. The album will be released on April 8th, 2022 and is centred around themes of fear and phobias.

Progressive metal with cosmic effects and a healthy injection of pop, Naturealism is a surprisingly accessible listen. The combination and Egor Lappo’s penchant for memorable tunes makes for a constantly engaging experience.

Engaging because the electronica and ambience enhances the heavier edge Naturealism has. Working in tandem to create something that really takes you on a journey. There’s no doubting many will be hooked from the start once they hear the intro of Unreal and experience the following Invisible Walls.

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Always capable of surprising, the phenomenal catchiness of Forgone Future is a highlight but it’s far from alone. Egor Lappo delivering captivating poppy, progressive metal epics like Starlight, Dawn Tracer and the title track. The middle of those three, Dawn Tracer also features the guitar work of Francisco Meza but the synth effects really make this one feel like an interstellar ride.



Elsewhere, there’s nothing to complain about. Even the 55-second Star Station crafts something so very pretty. Egor Lappo producing unique and smile-inducing track after track. So much so that it actually feels too short!

Give us more. It’s a complaint that most artists would like.

Egor Lappo – Naturealism Full Track Listing:

1. Unreal
2. Invisible Walls
3. Forgone Future
4. Lack of Gravity
5. Starlight
6. Star Station
7. Dawn Tracer (feat. Francisco Meza)
8. Crepuscular
9. The Cradle of Space Exploration
10. Naturealism


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Egor Lappo – Naturealism (Self Released)
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