Album Review: Eerie – End of an Era (Necromance Records/Base Record Production/Negra Nit)

Spanish Black metal Eerie will release their debut album “End of an Era” on September 30th 2020 through various labels.

With a crash and a bang, like the sound of thunder, Eerie announce themselves to the black metal stage with a horrifying cacophony of noise. The blast of guitars, drums and vocals a gut-shaking throwback to the early days of the scene.

It’s not the sound of the storm approaching but rather the arrival of its freezing cold winds, energy sapping rain and painful hail. This is the End of an Era and Eerie are the ones bringing the suffering.

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If you like your black metal as rough as sandpaper and as savage as a rabid dog with a young child in its sights, then End of an Era will provide. It never gets any more complicated than that which does highlight one problem with it and that is that it’s too long.

At nearly an hour and with 12 tracks, there’s only so much of this forceful battering that many can take. After a while it starts to bleed and blend together, the mushy paste causing the mind to wander. Which is a shame as the latter part of the album has some of the strongest stuff!

Eerie – End of an Era Full Track Listing:

1. Through The Darkness
2. Behold, I, Your Wooden Icon
3. Prophets Of Lies
4. Inside Of Me
5. The Omen Of The Heretics
6. Angelus Reprobi
7. The Farce of Christianity
8. Dominion Of Empires
9. Fragments Of The Past
10. Arov
11. No Dogma
12. The Atheist’s Whisper


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Eerie - End of an Era (Necromance Records/Base Record Production/Negra Nit)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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