Album Review: Dying – No Mercy For Us (Sevared Records/More Hate Productions)

Spitting bile & disgust, Spain’s Dying released No Mercy For Us in April of this year. Eight tracks of death metal designed to infect, breakdown & destroy the senses.

Dying 2

You’ll likely know from the moment From Chrysalis to Worm starts if this album is for you. Its rough vocals, furious pace & bassy drop in tone leaving an uncomfortable but exciting feeling. That vibe is present through the entire album as the pace is relentless.

There are flashes of brilliance amongst the constant sonic assault. Moments such as the booming groovy finale of Stop Breathing, the ferociousness of PU-239 & the great guitar riffs of Humans.

The sonic beatdown lessens as the album goes on, the mind becoming numb to the assault making it a much more comforting listen. The mesh of instruments begins to gel really well together resulting in a much more enjoyable & listenable album.

Ending as it begun, Throne of Lies makes one last concerted effort to bludgeon the senses leaving nothing but a dribbling wreck behind. An intense finale to an intense album. It takes a few songs to really get going but once it does it’s a serious slab of head-banging death metal.

Dying 1

Dying – No Mercy for Us Full Track Listing:

1. From Chrysalis to Worm
2. Stop Breathing
3. PU-239
4. Arrival of Decadence
5. Torturer God
6. Humans
7. Chronicles of Insanity
8. Throne of Lies

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the album as well as merchandise & earlier work too! You can listen to No Mercy For Us via most major streaming services including Apple Music below. Find out more about Dying via Facebook & check out some of their videos on YouTube!


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Dying - No Mercy For Us (Sevared Records/More Hate Productions)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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