Game Review: Robot Unicorn Attack Collection (Mobile)

The Robot Unicorn Attack Collection is an utterly ridiculous & insanely addictive set of mobile games where you control a robot unicorn in purist of your dreams & to escape your nightmares.

The collection consists of Robot Unicorn Attack, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition & Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition.

Unicorn 1

An endless runner by Adult Swim, leap & dash to set a high score all to the soundtrack of Erasure’s Always, Blind Guardian’s Battlefield & The Darkness’ Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End). Apparently, unicorns are big music fans and robot unicorns are no different.

The choice of songs for each game is fantastically done. Erasure’s Always is uplifting & fits the dreamlike state of Robot Unicorn Attack. Blind Guardian’s Battlefield goes perfectly with the hellish looking environment. While The Darkness’ Christmas Time is so warming as you leap & dash through the snow.

Unicorn 2

From the moment, you make your first wish or nightmare (three wishes/nightmares = three lives) it will put a silly smile on your face. The quality tunes blasting out alongside intuitive controls makes for very addictive gameplay. There isn’t much in the way of variety but it’s so addictive that it really doesn’t matter. The collection only costs £1.99 & it repays that within the first 5 minutes of playing.

You’ll stop, close the game down & within a minute or two be back playing it yet again. You just can’t help but love it, no matter which one you prefer (personal choice – Christmas). Casual & simple to pick up & play, it’s only major flaw now is its age. The games struggle to run on the latest updates & are prone to the odd crash. It needs an update but is unlikely to get one.

Unicorn 3

Pick up Robot Unicorn Attack Collection & make all your dreams (or nightmares) come true.

Robot Unicorn Attack Collection
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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