Album Review: Dreamslain – Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds (Self Released)

The beautiful wilds of Northern Norway provide the perfect backdrop over which Dreamslain can weave their songs of war and sorcery. Their debut album, Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds will be released on January 29th 2021.

Blending epic metal with prog rock, Dreamslain are a unique proposition for listeners who like a bit of head-banging but with a bit more complexity to it. Tracks that have galloping metal energy alongside ripping guitar riffs and solos while being dominated by an organ of all things. It’s undoubtedly an unusual listen but in the best way possible as it consistently intrigues. You’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting what comes next and always surprised by the imagination this band has.

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Each track has an epic length to reflect the epic sounds that Dreamslain show off. From the shortest (not including the instrumental outro) which is just over 7 minutes to the longest, which comes in at over 14 minutes, the sense of stepping into a different world is strong.

Picking apart each track is a study, time just drifts by, awash with dreams of the cosmos and stellar battles. From the gothic battle-cry of He Who Rises in Force to the perfect blend of folksy metal, mellowness and frenetic heaviness of The Fall of the Elven Lord to the gargantuan Tale of The Copper Guard. Every step of this journey is fantastical, testament to how much quality is in the writing here. Truly this is Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds.

Dreamslain – Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds Full Track Listing:

1. He Who Rises in Force
2. Knights Of La Mancha
3. My Mask
4. The Fall of The Elven Lord
5. Cosmonautics
6. Ownership Denied
7. Shadow Warriors
8. Tale of The Copper Guard
9. In Memory of Sister Rosetta Tharpe


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Dreamslain - Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds (Self Released)
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