Album Review: Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus (Self Released)

Dark Zodiak stands for thrilling live shows, a crushing sound, direct interaction with the crowd and a perfect fusion of thrash and death metal, forged from whipping riffs, tons of drums and thunderous female growls. They came to life in 2011, rocked all over Germany and Europe, and shared the stage with names like Tankard, Debauchery, Eluveitie, Stillbirth, Pripjat and more.

On January 30th 2021 they will release their brand new album, Ophiuchus.

Thrashy aggression, roaring heaviness and gripping heavy metal rhythm, Dark Zodiak are a band to be excited by. Especially when they’re bringing such a strong blend of thrash and death to the table. An album that is unashamedly mean, deliciously thick and meaty, brimming with fiery power and still able to offer up a surprise or two.

Do More Say Less is a head-banger of an opening track but it’s the freaking pace of Heaven, Earth and Beneath that really leaves its mark. Riff flurries transforming into wild bouts of thrashy fury all while the drums batter away and the vocals spit venom in death metal style.

Sold and only a 1/5 of the album down.

Invisible Apocalypse keeps things rooted in mayhem but in short and sharp form before the title track has Dark Zodiak showing off a bit more. One of the surprises mentioned above as they bring differing tempos and shift the rhythm about. Getting dark and mellow at times with clean vocals while never going too far away from their savage side.

Destroy Destruction is singularly focused on delivering another bruising beating, Humor builds the pain with a crushing drum/riff combo and From Thrash Till Death is unapologetic in its mission to cause heavy metal havoc. Strong stuff from Dark Zodiak and more than addictive enough to keep most listening on.

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There’s still plenty of ragers to come though and the neck muscles will be put to the test with 2020 A.D. A filthy sounding but evilly encouraging track. Total Freedom is a continuation of the forceful thrashy deathblows received so far, the guitar solo is top-notch stuff. Before Ignorance wraps up something that can be confidently called kickass. A finale that doesn’t change up the winning formula at all but doesn’t need to, as it is the exclamation point.

Dark Zodiak have impressed here.

Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus Full Track Listing:

1. Do More Say Less
2. Heaven, Earth and Beneath
3. Invisible Apocalypse
4. Ophiuchus
5. Destroy Destruction
6. Humor
7. From Thrash Till Death
8. 2020 A.D.
9. Total Freedom
10. Ignorance


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Dark Zodiak - Ophiuchus (Self Released)
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