Album Review: Dreamlord – Disciples Of War (No Remorse Records)

No Remorse Records proudly presents the first full-length of Greek Thrashers Dreamlord. Out on December 20th 2019.

Dreamlord was founded in January of 1995 in order to deliver Thrash Metal in the vein of the titans that came before them. Until 2000, the early incarnations of the band were presented in several concerts and various demo releases, achieving a cult status in the local underground scene. After a brief hiatus from 2001 to 2003, Dreamlord was back in action and started performing again. With the line-up still changing and shaping, the band recorded a private self-titled demo CD in 2007 and offered it at their live shows, building a solid fan-base around them.

After years of passion and hard work, Dreamlord will finally unleash their debut full-length ‘Disciples of War’!

If you yearn for a return to the good old days of thrash, when the music wasn’t broken down into so many different variations, Dreamlord might just be what you’re looking for. These guys are so old school, you can almost smell the denim, leather and sweat.

Sweat that has been earned by working their asses off within the underground. Now though they have a chance to rise out with their Disciples of War. Ten of them in total and each one as ready for battle as the last.

There really aren’t any surprises here, we have an album that is thrash through and through. One that wears its influences on its sleeves for all to see. You can hear the likes of Testament, Sacred Reich and more throughout. The important question remains as always…is it any good? Well, the short answer is yes. It’s good, very good at times (The 11th Hour, Humanity Enslaved, Infratricide) but it’s also a bit stuck for variety as thrash is limiting.

Do they do the greats justice? Absolutely but more importantly they do themselves justice. With some top-drawer riffs and solos as well as a commanding vocal performance. They make sure they’re not going to be seen as some sort of thrash tribute act.

Dreamlord – Disciples of War Full Track Listing:

1. Out for Blood
2. Disciples of War
3. The 11th Hour
4. Humanity Enslaved
5. Aggressive Denial
6. Infratricide
7. Blinded Eyes
8. Act of God
9. Outcast
10. Uncompromised


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Dreamlord - Disciples Of War (No Remorse Records)
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