Album Review: Draghkar – At The Crossroads Of Infinity (Unspeakable Axe Records)

Sunny southern California would seem like an unlikely place for utterly bleak and hopeless death metal to emanate from. But it makes more sense when you consider Draghkar’s roots in the black metal scenes of sun-soaked Italy and Greece, or for that matter the Floridian origins of the earliest death metal, which clearly this band has also absorbed.

With these influences, as well as a healthy infusion of the old Finnish gods, Draghkar is proud to unleash their debut full-length, At the Crossroads of Infinity. Set to be released on CD and digital platforms from Unspeakable Axe Records on July 27, 2020.

Forget the locale, when you’re capable of delivering thumping and crushing death metal as solidly as Draghkar do here, that’s all that matters. A sweet and concise listen, the 6 tracks of At the Crossroads of Infinity is a neat 35ish minutes and it flies by in a blur of thrashing noise. The band filling the air with stifling blasts of fiery blackened death metal heat.

With the kick-ass and hyper-paced salvo of The First Death and Beyond Despair, The Dawn of Rebirth, it’s a banging start. A little wild, a little uncontrollable and with plenty of teeth. Before An Erosion of the Eternal Soul pushes inwards with an uncomfortable doomy drawl that gives way to a rhythmic demonic-driven pace. Wonderful.

Seemingly aware that minds will have been blown by the previous track, Draghkar take it easy on the following Seeking Oblivion. Although their version of taking it easier is a longer intro, relaxed metal beat and plenty of wild guitar playing. It is, unsurprisingly, impactful with the tempo back up for the short and punchy Pursued by Black Forms.

All before they wrap with another epic in the form of the title track. The ritualistic and eerie initial guitar tone is reminiscent of early doom, an extension of what Draghkar are capable of. Another grand example of how varied and interesting this album is.

Draghkar – At the Crossroads of Infinity Full Track Listing:

1. The First Death
2. Beyond Despair, The Dawn of Rebirth
3. An Erosion of the Eternal Soul
4. Seeking Oblivion
5. Pursued by Black Forms
6. At the Crossroads of Infinity


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Draghkar - At The Crossroads Of Infinity (Unspeakable Axe Records)
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