Album Review: Dorothy – Gifts From The Holy Ghost (Spinefarm/Roc Nation)

Dorothy will release her new album, Gifts from the Holy Ghost, via Spinefarm/Roc Nation on April 22nd, 2022. Born from a sense of divine urgency, the album is a healing and remedial experience, made to unify listeners and point them towards a life full of purpose.

An album of honesty, the spiritual awakening that Dorothy Martin had following a life-changing event a few years ago, is ever-present throughout. Along with the combined powers of Keith Wallen, Jason Hook, Scott Stevens, Phil X, Trevor Lukather, Joel Hamilton and the legendary ear of producer Chris Lord Alge, she has crafted a rock and roll album to invigorate the soul.

The detail in Gifts from the Holy Ghost is very notable but it’s warped by energy, fun and groovy impact. This isn’t a ‘downer’ listen, far from it, in fact. You’ll likely spend most of its runtime dancing and moving while singing along at the top of your voice.

With wide-ranging appeal, the pop sensibilities of Dorothy don’t overshadow what is a rock and roll album at its core. An album with wall-to-wall anthems. An album that has depth but is open-ended and allows the listener to imprint their own personalities on the subjects and themes in most cases.

Much has to made of the incredible vocals of Dorothy. With the argument that most of the impact of this album comes from her range, a fair one. It’s no knock on any other element of the music, after all, it’s the instruments that really give it the rock flavour. It’s just that her voice is so powerful, so heartfelt and so sincere that it’s where most of the attention gets focused.

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…and why the hell not? Dorothy is an immense talent and Gifts from the Holy Ghost is one heck of a rock and roll album. Ten anthemic hits that will excite a wide range of music fans and something that is sure to push the band to even greater heights.

Dorothy – Gifts from the Holy Ghost Full Track Listing:

1. Beautiful Lie
2. Big Guns
3. Rest In Peace
4. Top Of the World
5. Hurricane
6. Close To Me Always
7. Black Sheep
8. Touched By Fire
9. Made To Die
10. Gifts From the Holy Ghost


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Dorothy - Gifts From The Holy Ghost (Spinefarm/Roc Nation)
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