Album Review: Dool – Summerland (Prophesy Productions)

Founded in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a name derived from the Dutch word for “wandering,” dark rockers Dool have embarked on an ongoing spiritual and musical journey that sees the sophomore album, Summerland released on April 10th 2020 via Prophesy Productions.

There’s certainly an eerie and slight other-worldliness to Dool’s Summerland. At times warming as though a soft sun is gazing down, at others as chilly as a winter’s breeze.

No matter the approach, the result is the same as Dool grip us tightly by the hand. Leading us safely across the vista of Summerland with soft words, flashes of energy and always plenty of rock godliness.

At around 55 minutes long, there’s a lot to take in from Dool and they deliver on every second of that. The pitter-patter of the drums, the twisting and turning riffing, the clean but controlled vocals and sly bass lines, it’s an incredibly immersive experience. Yes, it has depth and certainly requires the time and energy to really appreciate but it’s well worth putting it in. Put in what you want to get back and you’ll be richly rewarded by a band who make chilled hard rock sound effortless.

Dool – Summerland Full Track Listing:

1. Sulphur & Starlight
2. Wolf Moon
3. God Particle
4. Summerland
5. A Glass Forest
6. The Well’s Run Dry
7. Ode to the Future
8. Be Your Sins
9. Dust & Shadow




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Dool – Summerland (Prophesy Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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