Album Review: O – Antropocene (Self Released)

O are a post-black metal band from northern Italy. They released their latest album, Antropocene on April 1st 2020.

Leaning more towards the sharp and savage side of post-black metal, there’s little but hard hitting noise in the opening track Izo. There’s beauty to be found but it’s scarring and blood dripping beauty as O flail about dangerously.

Not content with the destruction caused there, Mare Morte is even more aggressive and just as intense. Here, O really begin to unfurl their demonic wings as the post metal hue glows brighter and brighter.

The focus on dark guitar twangs and melodies, the incessant drum beat and evil heartbeat of the vocals is kept well and truly in place. C raging and raging with unbridled fury, Escluso delivering a soul wrenching assault of violence and Nebbia picking up the pieces with a dangerously slower tempo. The guitars are the epitome of post-metal horror with vocals that howl and howl to the point of madness.

The weight of that track is lifted by a return of O’s utter fanatical intensity with Fine and the ringing horror of Ira, the eye-watering noise is suffocating. Although the latter does allow a brief moment to catch the breath.

Without breaking their furious stride, O throw the short and heavy Crepa in the face before wrapping up one of 2020’s most intense releases with the lengthy Era. A track that is all about the ominous atmosphere and slow creeping horror that O exemplify.

O – Antropocene Full Track Listing:

1. Izo
2. Mare Morto
3. C
4. Escluso
5. Nebbia
6. Fine
7. Ira
8. Crepa
9. Era




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O - Antropocene (Self Released)
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