Album Review: Domgård – Ödelagt (Carnal Records)

Legendary Swedish Black Metal band Domgård are set to release their highly anticipated third album Ödelagt via Carnal Records on December 1st 2017.

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The poignant opening of Niþanvarþa in no way prepares you for the boisterous black metal attack that follows on Svartdjupets Lockelse. The passionate heaviness that Domgård bring has a crude style to it but that just adds to the overall foulness of the album.

Twelve tracks of harsh & bestial metal with a focus on the dark and enlightening aspects of Germanic mythology, magic and custom. This adds an ethereal tone to some of the more fairly standard sounding black metal tracks, lifting them to higher levels.

Consistently fast & consistently raging, the likes of I Geirröds Hall, Kynjagaldr & Sejdmannens Förbannelse hit hard but also present plenty of captivating rhythm too.

The peaks of the album come with the more sinister sounding tracks. Aldar Røkkr producing an aged but fresh sounding creation. The title track drops an epic that unites the heavier black metal side with the mythological stuff.

The finest track is Lögr Óðreris – Urblodets Trollmakt, a haunting & mood-changing song that leaves you feeling despondent & empty as you drift on the winds produced by Domgård.

In fact the latter half of the album has a more tuneful manner about it. A lot more melody is introduced amongst the weighty black metal. It’s not a negative as Domgård’s efforts are gloomy but inviting.

Nothing heard so far though will prepare you for the 16 minute saga that is Förgånget. Starting off slow with the sound of blurring guitars, a sullen melody & indistinct drum beat. The shadows grow as the vocals echo around leading to an increase in stride as it nears the halfway point. After a brief flurry it returns to a leisurely but engaging flow.

Perhaps unwisely, Domgård choose not to finish on that but bring one more song to the table. Ødhe Vi is a near 6-minute outro that really wasn’t needed. A repetitive & unusual piece of music that has none of the metal goodness that came before. It’s poignant but goes on for far too long.

Still, all things considered this is a hugely impressive album. One ticks many of the right boxes for black metal that melds several different styles together well.

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Domgård – Ödelagt Full Track Listing:

1. Niþanvarþa
2. Svartdjupets Lockelse
3. Töckenhöljt
4. I Geirröds Hall
5. Aldar Røkkr
6. Kynjagaldr
7. Ödelagt
8. Lögr Óðreris – Urblodets Trollmakt
9. Grottkvinnans Hemlighet
10. Sejdmannens Förbannelse
11. Förgånget
12. Ødhe Vi

You can pick up the band’s music now over on Bandcamp & find out more by checking them out on Facebook!


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Domgård - Ödelagt (Carnal Records)
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