Album Review: Dog Tired – The Electric Abyss (Self Released)

Dog Tired are an Edinburgh based metal band who are set to release their 4th album ‘The Electric Abyss’ on September 7th 2019.

You don’t get to your 4th album without having some modicum of talent in your ranks and bloody hell, do Dog Tired have some serious talent.

Scotland is producing a hell of a lot of good and more importantly, varied metal in recent times it seems. Either that, or the rest of the UK and World is finally beginning to pay more attention. I mean what possible excuse could there be for having never experienced the dank and chugging sound of these fellas?

Well, stop worrying about where they’ve been and slap this record on because it’s a bloody banger. The four-piece combine harshness that might seem better suited for a death metal band with some absorbing horn-throwing riff work and everything in between. It’s damn attention grabbing and you might find yourself involuntarily head-banging along.

Kicking off with the title track, it’s a start that sees Dog Tired push hard to turn heads with an exciting and complex combo of heavy and memorable. Flesh Church builds on that exceptional start with a track that is little deeper and a little more grumbling before Dagoth’s Nine blows everything out of the water with thrash speed and intensity but with these massive drops that will cause absolute chaos live.

1/3 of the album down and it’s utterly brilliant. Amazingly though, the best is yet to come. That’s not hyperbole either…the groove of the guitars in Beyond the Grave will give silly grins all round. Lord of the Vile is head-banging gold, the drums sounding off a beat that buries deep inside leading the guitars and vocals on a merry metal dance. 1968 is so damn heavy, it threatens to bust open some skulls and Hunter’s Moon is brutally long seeing Dog Tired show off their doomy credentials with a thumping rendition that has no vocals!

This exceptional album sadly comes to a close but it’s with a bang as Dog Tired go all out with Kingdom. The rolling drum beat setting up for an absolute thrash-infused pit-opener. As has been the theme of The Electric Abyss, this is just another fantastic track.

Dog Tired have released one of the best of the year for sure.

Dog Tired – The Electric Abyss Full Track Listing:

1. The Electric Abyss
2. Flesh Church
3. Dagoth’s Nine
4. Beyond the Grave
5. Aeon
6. Lord of the Vile
7. 1968
8. Hunter’s Moon
9. Kingdom


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Dog Tired - The Electric Abyss (Self Released)
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