Album Review: Diamond Chazer – Chasing Diamonds (Fighter Records)

Diamond Chazer are a heavy metal band from the city of Medellín (Colombia) born in October 2017 who manage to execute a traditional sound loaded with melodies and faithful to the style of the 80s, which stands out within the local and national scene due to the implementation of keyboards and the nostalgic atmosphere they emanate.

Now, the Colombian heavy metallers have inked a deal with Fighter Records for the release of “Chasing Diamonds”, which includes all the material recorded by the band to date. This new release is set to see daylight on November 3rd, 2020.

Many would like to just put their head down and sleep 2020 away. Well, stick on Diamond Chazer’s new album and you’ll find yourself transported back to 80s. Where mullets were king, leather and denim were the uniform of any self-respecting metalller and the fragmentation of genres did not exist. Everything was heavy metal and heavy metal was god. This is the era Diamond Chazer belong in but as a throwback/tribute to those days, Chasing Diamonds is a ton of fun.

With big grins on their faces and a goal to send nostalgic waves through the mind, Diamond Chazer keep things uncomplicated but certainly aren’t lazy. Tracks with a ton of energy, NWOBHM style head-bangers and rocking good time rhythm.

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Look closer though and this Diamond has some flaws. The vocals can be a bit of a miss at times (better when focused on higher singing), some of the riffs sound quite pedestrian and it lacks a killer hook. Flaws that do harm the overall value but it’s still worth a lot. If nostalgia isn’t your thing (it’s not mine), you might find yourself struggling a bit more here but few can deny the fun factor of the album.

Diamond Chazer – Chasing Diamonds Full Track Listing:

1. Zero to Hero
2. The Whip
3. Swords & Chains (Gotham City Cover)
4. Tokyo Rendezvous
5. Breakin’ the Chains
6. I Need You
7. Freedom
8. Stranger Things
9. Diamond Chazer
10. Poltergeist


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Diamond Chazer - Chasing Diamonds (Fighter Records)
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