Album Review: Cult Burial – Cult Burial (Self Released)

While their name may imply another group hopping on the dime-a-dozen OSDM revival trend, the London group Cult Burial quickly show that there is a lot more than meets the eye on their self-titled debut, coming hot off the back of a well-received two-track EP.

The self-titled debut will be released on November 6th 2020.

With a deep breath, Cult Burial announce their arrival with pure death metal intensity. The group’s debut album is a frothing and raging beast that wants nothing more than to devour you whole. It’s hard to argue that they don’t accomplish their goal come the end.

Dethroner erupts with a ton of malice. The line has been drawn in the sand in regards to aggressive noise and it’s hard to imagine much else crossing it, yet Cult Burial are really only getting started.

The darkly covered chugginess of Moribund is less fury-based but really delves out the body shots. Chaos then combines both pace and darkness for a evil and brutal sounding effort. One that drags on to the point of madness.

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It’s followed by Abyss, a focused slab of brutal noise and Plague, a much more involved slice of rhythmic metal. Both highlight the good things about Cult Burial, their ability to consume with unfiltered aggression and their ability to take death metal in some intriguing directions.

It’s the latter that really stands out in the second half of the album as we have the previously mentioned effort which is followed by Kill. The warble of guitars at the start is unexpected, whereas the blackened fury that erupts afterwards is tinged with a more melodic sound. It’s a refined effort that blurs the lines of metal very well.

End is less compelling as it lacks the complexities found elsewhere, instead just going all out to try and tear faces off. Whereas the penultimate track, Forever has Cult Burial sneaking up behind before attacking with all their chunky and forceful might. Leading to the finale of Sorrow, a doom-infused drawl that lays the unrelenting savagery out for all to see its splayed remains.

Cult Burial – Cult Burial Full Track Listing:

2. Moribund
3. Chaos
4. Abyss
5. Plague
6. Kill
7. End
8. Forever
9. Sorrow


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Cult Burial - Cult Burial (Self Released)
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