Album Review: Diabolic Night – Beyond The Realm (High Roller Records)

Conceived in 2013 as a solo project, Diabolic Night a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Heavy Steeler has made considerable inroads in the broader metal scene with just one demo, 7-inch and mini LP.

Beyond the Realm is the first full-length from the reclusive musician and stands testament to the fact that dark-coated thrash stays rust-resistant if forged with strength and style.

Recorded in no less than three studios with the help of Nuctemeron’s Christhunter on drums, crowned with a mix by engineering veteran Mario Scarpari and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony, “Beyond the Realm” is very much an album in the original sense of the word, meant to be grasped as a whole. It is out on November 15th 2019 via High Roller Records.

There’s a whole host of NWOBHM on Diabolic Night’s new release, however it’s not defined by that. Instead we get a more layered release that includes elements of heavier rock and even some blackened thrashiness.

Nowhere is that better exemplified then on Sovereign of Doom, a track that is a myriad of metal. If you want heavy as hell riffs, sharp solos and some ritualistic evil vocals then it more then delivers.

Not that the rest of the album is lacking. Crescent Moon Rise is packed with meatiness, Beyond the Realm is a short classic trawl of guitar riffing and Infernal Power is an apt title as it is a smash mouth piece of music.

It’s uncomplicated but that’s no bad thing as it can be best summed up as a piece of head-banging heaviness. Sometimes that is all you need.

Diabolic Night – Beyond the Realm Full Track Listing:

1. Towards Forgotten Paths
2. Sovereign of Doom
3. Crescent Moon Rise
4. In Retribution
5. Beyond the Realm
6. Odyssey
7. Infernal Power
8. Reach for the Sky
9. Descension Into Dying Spheres




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Diabolic Night - Beyond The Realm (High Roller Records)
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