Album Review: Devour Every Star – Antiquity (Blue Bedroom Records)

Devour Every Star aka Cam Davis is a blackened trip hop artist from Madison, WI. The album ‘Antiquity’ will be released digitally, on CD and cassette via Blue Bedroom Records on December 3rd, 2021.

In Cam’s own words:

For many years I was lost in a bed of dizzy memories. Trapped in an uncanny dream. Reliving the same tired artifacts on a loop until I found real comfort. Resolution. What follows, ‘Antiquity,’ is a collection of songs about toxic love set to an eerie fusion of trip hop and black metal.



We’re no strangers to Cam Davis’ work as we thoroughly enjoyed what she did as Cicada the Burrower. An eclectic and imaginative artist, Devour the Star is one of 2021’s most unique sounding records.

Eerie and uncomfortable, what we have here is an album that combines the wacky and wonderful world of trip hop and black metal. An album that is akin to a fever dream, where lucid hallucinations of madness come with a soundtrack.

Sometimes, it’s easy listening but mostly it makes you feel on edge.

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Have you ever played Silent Hill 2 or 3? This is an album that gives off those sorts of vibes. Which will mean it should appeal to those who like the wide-ranging world of unnerving melody and harsh sounds.

Most of the tracks are kept quite short and concise, which is welcome. Only two pass the 4-minute mark making this much more palatable. Especially when it transitions from chilled melody to something darker and more oppressive.

I can’t promise you that you’ll like this. It’s… different and sometimes that’s a scary thing. However, if you want to hear something imaginative and unique, you should certainly check this out.

Devour Every Star – Antiquity Full Track Listing:

1. Possessed by The Saintly Euphoric
2. Low Income Cell Destroyer
3. Bliss Overtakes This Intoxicating Simulation
4. Fractured Starlight Trephination
5. Bewildered, I Embrace the Machine
6. An Unyielding Infinite
7. The Punishment
8. Bury Me with The Rest of Them
9. Peace Eternal


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Devour Every Star – Antiquity (Blue Bedroom Records)
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