Album Review: Fear of Falling – Turning Point (Self Released)

Possibly the biggest hard rock/alternative band in South Africa right now, Fear of Falling is gearing up to take things to a blistering next level! The seasoned collected talents of guitarist Lloyd Timke, vocalist Jack Atlantic, bassist Brendon McCaig (You, Me and The Harmony) and drummer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle) have been hard at work preparing their album called Turning Point that will be released on the 3rd of December 2021.

Vocalist Jack Atlantic, shares that:

Some days my only escape is to go for a DRIVE. Lately I feel my passion for life has FADED away, and that I’m slowly FALLING into a dark abyss I can’t get out of. But, still I will keep on fighting, and I WONT LET GO in the hope that tomorrow’s SUNRISE will bring light to the dark corners of my soul. The world keeps BREAKING ME DOWN and their hearts are filled with HATE, and yet, I FAKE IT and put a smile upon my face. Is this is how I will feel until the END OF DAYS? For now, I will keep on pushing through, until I finally meet my maker and go HOME.



A melodramatic start, Drive has a chilled out and expressive rock vibe and immediately showcases the mainstream sound Fear of Falling have. A massive chorus, and a dirtier and harder latter portion make this a kick-ass opener.

Faded builds on that start with similar moody vibes but, again, features a chorus that just soars. Lyrically, this is a particularly impactful track and the smooth vocals of Jack Atlantic really sell the words. Falling’s melodies are super-strong but the rhythmic guitar patterns are what gives this much more groove. Won’t Let Go then has Fear of Falling upping the peppiness for one of the album’s catchiest tracks. Wonderful stuff.

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It’s wonderfully mainstream rock music and Fear of Falling are sure to have widespread appeal with this album. It’s impossible to dislike and it rarely fails to put a smile on your face. The halfway point of Sunrise is a bright spot that has a really uplifting melody. Another killer track on an album filled to the brim with banger after banger.

Talking of bangers though… Breaking Me Down is a strong one. Ear-aching riffing, deep bass groove, punchy drum beats and of course, those quality vocals. Followed then by Hate and Fake It, the former has one of the heavier choruses but balances that with heartfelt melody. The latter, moodiness and a massive chorus with some extra pep in the drums, as only Fear of Falling can do.

The end is near but first End of Days has some heavier riffs and more frantic vocals for you to digest. An excellent penultimate offering leading to the massive and heartfelt finale of Home, a finish that will put a pensive but satisfied smile on the face one last time.

Fear of Falling – Turning Point Full Track Listing:

1. Drive
2. Faded
3. Falling
4. Won’t Let Go
5. Sunrise
6. Breaking Me Down
7. Hate
8. Fake It
9. End of Days
10. Home


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Fear of Falling - Turning Point (Self Released)
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