Album Review: Delfinia – Deep Elevation (Self Released)

Delfinia is a project of vocalist/composer/sound producer Konstantin ‘Laars’ Naumenko (Sunrise (UA), Titanium (PL), W. Angel’s Conquest (UA), Majesty of Revival (UA)) and singer/keyboardist – Daria Naumenko (Sunrise, W. Angel’s Conquest, Novi).

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The main music genre of the project is melodic power metal. The sound is close to the bands like Masterplan, Avantasia, Stratovarius, Nightwish.

The debut album of Delfinia, called ‘Deep Elevation’, is a project with a big number of great and talented musicians. Among them are: Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere), Ross VC Thompson (Van Canto), Jocke ‘Aerendir’ Johansson (Twilight Force), Krzysztof Gunsen Elzanowski (Pathfinder) and many others.

Epic. An epic album. The kind that puts your mind in the state of wonderment. Deep Elevation is an expansive and thrilling listen from the moment the melody of the title track builds in power to sadness of Autumn Dream’s keyboard/vocal combo finish. Fans of symphonic metal will certainly fall in love with Delfinia.

After a hell of an intro with the title track, the more ‘metal’ side of Delfinia comes out with the foot-tapper of Loneliness. Energetic riffing, high-powered vocals and a catchy as hell chorus. While familiar if you’ve heard the likes of Avantasia and other symphonic metal bands, Delfinia are certainly no slouches or copycats.

Tracks like The World of Dream with its fast-paced electronica start and speed-metal riffing and the inspiring I’m Here with its gunfire like drum beat shows off a band able to stand on their own two feet in as difficult sub-genre.

Often where they really stand out though is when they combine melody with metal. Do You Remember and Call of the Wind are a pair of outstanding tracks that do this.

The symphonic metal top tier has been controlled by the same bands for quite some time now. We’re seeing more and more bands step up and challenge for a position nowadays. Delfinia are one that you could easily see dominating it in the future.

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Delfinia – Deep Elevation Full Track Listing:

1. Deep Elevation
2. Loneliness (feat. Krzysztof Gunsen Elzanowski, Pathfinder)
3. The Fate (feat. Ross VC Thompson, Van Canto)
4. The World of Dream (feat. Olaf Thorsen, Labyrinth)
5. I’m Here
6. Do You Remember (feat. Roland Grapow, Masterplan, ex-Helloween)
7. Heaven (feat. Jocke ‘Aerendir’ Johansson, Twilight Force)
8. The Brightest Days
9. Call of The Wind
10. Eyes Are Calling (feat. Aldo Lonobile, Secret Sphere)
11. Autumn Dream

The album is available via all major streaming services here. More information can be found out about Delfinia via their website and Facebook Page.

Delfinia – Deep Elevation (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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