Music – Movie Review: While She Sleeps – So What? Documentary

The ‘warts and all’ documentary is nothing new in metal and rock but smartly most bands tend to avoid it. Pulling back the curtain and showing us the inner workings of a band. The problems that exists and what makes the members tick. It sounds fantastic. It sounds fascinating but as we’ve seen with the likes of Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster it can sometimes be too honest.

That’s not stopped GBHBL favourite, While She Sleeps from releasing a 40-minute documentary surrounding the upcoming release of their new album, So What?

So What 3

Promising to give us insight into not just the inner workings of the band but also the processes they have taken leading up to the release of the new album.

What we have here is a really personal look at each band member and the whole While She Sleeps entity. Breakups, long distance relationships, hospital visits, vocal surgery, the realisation that they’re going to have to change to keep going forward as a band, It’s all here.

So What 2

All here and all fascinating stuff. This documentary is a lesson for those who think our heroes are invincible. A lesson in how age and time takes it toll on the body and to survive you need to change. By the end I had come to realise that the While She Sleeps that made This is the Six have been forced to adapt. Which in turn made the changes we heard in You Are We. As well as the upcoming new album, So What? more understandable.

Some many not enjoy this aspect. Maybe finding it a little to ‘warts and all’ but if you’ve been following this band’s career for years, it’s excellent insight. The moment of acceptance from the band that While She Sleeps is no longer just mates jamming but rather an entity that comes with incredible pressures will make you love them even more.

Spare 40 minutes and check this out below:

While She Sleeps - So What? Documentary
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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