Album Review: Deinonychus – Ode To Act Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide (My Kingdom Music)

Celebrating 25 years of Deinonychus’ career, Ode To Act Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide is eight tracks of doomy & dark black metal. Out on December 1st 2017 via My Kingdom Music.

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Life Taker is hypnotic in just how much darkness it pumps out. Like mist pouring off a steep mountain, it swirls around & before too long you’re completely disorientated, all too aware that there is something evil hiding in it.

The slow doomy rhythm of For This I Silence You has character thanks to the chug of the guitars. The spoken word style of the blackened vocals has an eerie & desperate edge, as if these words have to be said aloud.

What makes Ode to Act Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide such an appealing listen is that for all its depressive doominess it is not without melody. The Weak Have Taken the Earth, Buried Under the Frangipanis & Dead Horse all convey emotional depth alongside crumbling heaviness.

The album slowly gets under the skin, the more you suffer through the noxious tone, the more it numbs you. It’s not that it isn’t appealing though because it really is.

The album ends as strongly as it begun with the penultimate track, There is No Eden threatening to puncture a hole in the earth with its relentless heaviness. While Silhouette goes for a faster & more aggressive style threatening to push things over the threshold of the pit.

An apocalyptic listen, one that will stick with you for ages afterwards. An imposing effort from Deinonychus.

Deinonychus 2

Deinonychus – Ode to Act of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide Full Track Listing:

1. Life Taker
2. For This I Silence You
3. The Weak Have Taken the Earth
4. Buried Under the Frangipanis
5. Dead Horse
6. Dusk
7. There is No Eden
8. Silhouette

Pick up Deinonychus’ music over on Bandcamp & order the album via My Kingdom Music. You can find out more & keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page.

Deinonychus - Ode To Act Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide (My Kingdom Music)
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