Album Review: Defying Decay – Metamorphosis (Self Released)

Defying Decay are a band of musical misfits, an eclectic mix of cultures and classical training, a hybrid born of many influences crafted by a shared passion for music. The band has persevered to realise their vision born in the East and are now knocking on the doors to the rest of the world, following in the footsteps of bands like Crossfaith and Coldrain. This enigmatic act is emerging onto the international scene with their new album in 2019 entitled “Metamorphosis”, a melancholy ballad inspired by loss and memory. It will be released on May 17th 2019.

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With leanings to towards melodic metal/metalcore, Defying Decay is high energy aggressiveness designed to bust open a few heads. All while leaving the listener feeling that little bit enlightened thanks to their melodic highs built around clean singing. It’s good but nothing we’ve not heard countless times before.

The highlights often come when they let rip with the force of everything they have in the bag. Tracks like Dominion that absolute explode with metalcore fury, guaranteed to turn any pit into a mass of sweaty bodies and Judas Kiss with its techier guitar work and unbelievable breakdown.

Then we get really huge and expansive tracks like Dying Program. A track that has a bit of the Deftones about it and Let it Rain, a groovier beat mixed with huge riffs and soaring vocals.

To mix things up and keep the album fresh we also get slow melody driven numbers like Crimson Butterfly. Keyboards, slight guitar twangs and mournful vocals. It’s certainly quite different to what is experienced elsewhere.

Overall though, the variety is welcome but the focus is mainly on crushing metalcore groove and complex rhythms. Resulting in a very enjoyable if uninspired listen.

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Defying Decay – Metamorphosis Full Track Listing:

1. The Repentance
2. Existence of Extinction
3. Dominion
4. Dying Program
5. Judas Kiss
6. Crimson Butterfly
7. Ghost
8. Yellow Fever
9. Let It Rain
10. Further…
11. Swan Song

Head over to their website to find out more/find album ordering links. You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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Defying Decay - Metamorphosis (Self Released)
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