Album Review: Defects – Modern Error (Mascot Records)

UK metallers Defects will release their profoundly personal debut album, ‘Modern Error’, on May 24th, 2024, via Mascot Records. They have also revealed the video for their brand-new song Lockdown. Conceptually, it is a deeply cathartic album that acts as a vessel for singer Tony Maue to organise his thoughts on the trauma of being taken into care at a young age.

Threaded through the album are the experiences that Maue has been through, how the five members of the band are all connected and why, at this moment, right now, is the right time for this band to exist. For themselves as much as anyone else.

You don’t have to always relate to an album’s theme or concept to feel what the band is trying to say. Sometimes, the experience shared is so powerful, that it hits hard regardless of a personal connection.

There might be no better example of this in the modern times than Defects’ long-awaited debut album, Modern Error. A 13-track showcase (including an intro and interlude) of what this band is capable of. Which just so happens to be passionately delivered metal that blends elements of melodic metal, heavy alternative rock, metalcore, groove metal, and more. Where every track has some form of anthemic value regardless of the level of heaviness that comes with it.

Case in point, the pairing of Scapegoat and End of Days. The bristling intensity is front and centre from the start. Coming through strongly via frenzied, serrated instrumentation and roaring vocals. Yet, the choruses are melody-laced, and the clean vocals soar with so much heart & soul. Of the two, End of Days just sneaks it though, thanks to the badass breakdown it has.

A damn fine start, but there’s still so much greatness to enjoy. After all, it’s no secret that Defects are taking the metal world by storm.

Why? Because tracks like Dream Awake have a melodic mournfulness that compliments the big alternative vibes and when it’s time, Defects just explode. The cherry on top? A fantastic guitar solo. Making this one of the album’s best tracks. Then there is Another Heart to Bleed, a track that oozes so much emotion via the perfect balance of scathing heaviness and deep, robust melodies. That is then followed by Recurring, a track that is at its absolute best when the guitars and drums are on a manic tear. While the chorus doesn’t quite hit the heights found elsewhere, the scintillating heavy passion is just awesome. Also, once again, a killer guitar solo helps elevate it that little bit more.

At the halfway point, it’s pretty clear that Defects have thrown their all into this, and few will come away not feeling mightily appreciative of their efforts.

What’s not to love about a track like Lockdown? Where manic ferocity driven by pounding drums and snarling vocals runs headfirst into a chorus that grows in power like an infection. The final moments where all you can hear is the sound of beeping hospital equipment is very sobering.

Or a track like Echo Chamber? Where clean melodies and vocals are the focus and it results in an emotionally tumultuous experience. There have been many moments already where the heart and soul of Defects has been on display, but this track might be the one that has more feeling than any other.

Though, to be fair, there really isn’t a single track on this album that doesn’t come with so many weighty sensations. It’s a major part of the reason why, as the album reaches its latter stage, most will still be well and truly hooked in. An investment that is rewarded with even more quality metal music.

Following a short Interlude, it’s the title track and more of Defects’ delightful metal sharpness crossed with alt-driven anthemic passion. Before Broken Bloodlines stomps around with barely contained rage, and Second to None showcases an absolute beautiful chorus.

Leading to a finale that encapsulates the entire listening experience that is Modern Error. It’s called Gone to Waste and it is filled with emotional power, melodic intensity, passion, and so much anthemic value. It’s an ending that puts a smile on the face, even if it’s a strained one, because of how profoundly effecting it has been.

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Defects – Modern Error Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Scapegoat
3. End of Days
4. Dream Awake
5. Another Heart To Bleed
6. Recurring
7. Lockdown
8. Echo Chamber
9. Interlude
10. Modern Error
11. Broken Bloodlines
12. Second To None
13. Gone To Waste


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Defects - Modern Error (Mascot Records)
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