Album Review: Mortal Wound – Anus of the World (Dark Descent Records/Me Saco un Ojo Records)

LA-based death metal squad Mortal Wound will release their debut full-length, ‘Anus of the World’, on May 24th via a collaboration between Dark Descent Records and Me Saco un Ojo Records.

They call this place, the anus of the world.

With that opening sample, Mortal Wound announce their garish and grim arrival. Bringing forth a taut 90s inspired blast of death metal that is unforgivingly brutal and unrelentingly twisted.

There’s simply no way to sugar coat this. It’s death metal at its harshest and most horrible sounding. Where only those with a taste for the rancid will come away pleased, even if the persistent panic-inducing aspects of the album will also leave those folks feeling a bit queasy.

So, what’s the appeal? Aside from the fact that it’s ugly as sin? Well, Mortal Wound have strong song-writing chops, aren’t afraid to add some black humour, and regularly show off a technical edge that makes the experience quite impressive, or as impressive as the sound of slaughter can be.



It’s easy to forget that this level of straight-forward brutality isn’t that common these days. Mortal Wound really do throw things back to a time when being as mean and heavy as possible was all that mattered. Death metal that sounded like death and destruction. Regardless of the nuances in their sound, this is a death metal record through and through.

As enjoyable as that can be though, there’s no denying that this level of constant and consistent aural abuse does have a desensitisation aspect to it. Even though there are many moments of exceptional guitar flair that snaps the mind back to a more attentive place. The issue is that it’s a non-stop pulverising approach and that does take its toll, though for many, it will be an issue they warmly welcome.

All of this should be more than enough to make Anus of the World a must-listen, but if you need that extra push, the fact that Mortal Wound are exceptionally capable of creating this level of intensity should do it. They’re a very talented group and death metal doesn’t get more vicious than what they portray on this debut album.

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Mortal Wound – Anus of the World Track Listing:

1. Found Dead in a Bush
2. Tunnel Rat
3. The Surf is Gonna Be Bitchin’
4. Drug Filled Cadaver
5. One Who Kills & One Who Loves
6. Born Again Hard
7. Engulfed in Liquid Hellfire
8. The Worm Has Turned for You
9. Spirit of the Bayonet
10. Even the Jungle Wanted Him Dead
11. Royally Fucked Forever


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Mortal Wound - Anus of the World (Dark Descent Records / Me Saco un Ojo Records)
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