Album Review: Deathblow – Insect Politics (Sewer Mouth Records)

Fear the Deathblow! The SLC rabble returns with sophomore full-length album Insect Politics, the first release on the band’s own label Sewer Mouth Records.

The bands second full length since 2014’s Prognosis Negative. Insect Politics is a deep dive into the madness of the 21st century, exploring the subjects of isolation, digital dementia, radicalization, paranoia and the break down of politics in the modern world.

Punkified thrash is what greets on the punchy opener of Brain Bugs. An apt title as the pacy riffing makes the mind matter itch and the thumping rhythm of the drums feel like something is scrabbling around up there.

Deathblow continue to bring a ton of classy riffing to the table with the meaty metal offering that is Accelerated Decrepitude. Although the way this twists and turns its thrashing heaviness into something with a bit of death metal infection spreading through it, is very impressive.

Whereas the first two tracks where deep and detailed dives into what Deathblow are capable of, Nefarious Ends simplifies things by offering up a short and chaotic head-banger. Before the title track kicks all kinds of ass with its frenzied and fiery thrashy approach and Convert Or Die creates a whirlwind of noise that demands your neck muscles get well and truly moving. It’s not easy to deny the urge as it’s such an impressive beast.

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Which has to be said, is the case for the album as a whole. It’s such a beast filled to the brim with thrash-focused head-bangers while also delving into punkier areas and touching upon the world of death metal. It might be as simple as as saying “this will make you go wild” but there’s certainly more to Deathblow than there initially seems.

Not convinced? Check out the bassy medley at the start of Through the Eyes of Delusion and how breathlessly the rest of the track plays out. Agent Zero then makes sure it reminds you that the riffs is where Deathblow really excel. The galloping energy and sharp edges almost too much to take at this stage.

Thankfully, the aflame mind will be cooled as Behind Closed Doors wraps up a quality album with one last thrashy punch. The knockout blow this time being delivered by the drums.

Deathblow – Insect Politics Full Track Listing:

1. Brain Bugs
2. Accelerated Decrepitude
3. Nefarious Ends
4. Insect Politics
5. Convert Or Die!
6. Through the Eyes Of Delusion
7. Agent Zero
8. Behind Closed Doors


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Deathblow - Insect Politics (Sewer Mouth Records)
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