Album Review: Deadpeach – The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race (Self Released)

Raise the mainsail and set controls for the heart of the sun; The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race, the brand-new studio album from Italian heavy rock trio Deadpeach, will serve as your soundtrack, saviour and guiding light on February 6th, 2024.

For over 30 years (they formed in 1993), Deadpeach have looked to hypnotise listeners with a heady style of retro-psych and fuzzed out rock. A goal that they have achieved across a multitude of releases, and one that continues to be the case in 2024 with this new album. A trippy experience that balances chilled out psychedelia with robust rock groove, but covered in a thick layer of heavy fuzz that sets the teeth on edge.

It’s as weird as it is wonderful and Madras and Loop (Set the Control to Mother Earth) are the perfect examples of this album’s captivating nature. The fact that they both pass the seven minute mark and bookend the album, is immaterial when you take into account what they offer and how listenable Deadpeach’s style of psych-rock is.



Although the word retro must be attached to their sound, as their version of psychedelia has a distinct 70s vibe, and its present throughout the entire album. A track like Motor Peach has bundles of energy, and kicks the riffing up an extra notch. Whereas Man on the Hill (The Fisherman and the Farmer) is a punchy groove-tastic piece with a sleazy underbelly, and Cerchio is a cool blend of playful and powerful melodies. All while having such a strong psychedelic flavour. I’m not saying you should ‘light up’ while listening to this, but it certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

The rest of the album is capped off with two more effective efforts in the form of Monday and Rust. The former is a great example of Deadpeach’s ability to be elaborate, but listenable. Finding the band in a much more chilled mood, and really doubling down on the trippy elements, but transforming into a faster, and rockier tune. Whereas the latter is a shortish blast of riff-driven enthusiasm. Exciting and fun, while being steadily weird. Kind of like Deadpeach and the career they’ve built with this band.

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Deadpeach – The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race Track Listing:

1. Madras
2. Motor Peach
3. Man on the Hill (The Fisherman and the Farmer)
4. Cerchio
5. Monday
6. Rust
7. Loop (Set the Control to Mother Earth)


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Deadpeach - The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race (Self Released)
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