Album Review: Dead Mammals – Dead Mammals (Forbidden Place Records/Trepanation Recordings)

Dead Mammals is the self-titled debut album by the noise rock two-piece from Rochester, Medway, UK. Due to be released by Forbidden Place Records in The US and Trepanation Recordings in the UK Feb 26th 2021.

Completely written and recorded at home whilst bored during the Covid 19 lockdown the album stemmed from a shared love of late 80’s and early 90’s Alt/Noise rock bands. The songs themselves can be taken as thinly veiled portraits of the goings on within their home town and local surroundings.



With the noisy sound of choppy bass and near-spoken word vocals, Dead Mammals’ introduce themselves in a very unusual way. Distorted and sharp, it’s a very disconnected start that does create a ton of intrigue. Especially as the repetitive rhythm becomes more and more intrusive.

From that it’s into a short, higher and more angry-sounding effort with Poor Cow. Dead Mammals leaning into a heavier style of rock while sounding almost desperate to express what they have. It’s then followed by the contrasting tempo of Jughead with its monopoly on doom-tinged guitars and Desperate Like Me’s down right insane buzzes, fuzzes and thick nastiness.

If there’s one thing that can be taken from Dead Mammals’ debut as the halfway point is reached, it’s that this band are brimming with imagination. Which is what makes LS-51 such a fascinating listen. All six and half minutes of it. Where a bit of groove shakes things up and the contrast in vocals sparks passion and depth as it ticks along. Maddening but so bloody enjoyable.

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The second half of the album begins with a dog barking before kicking into a fuzzy guitar rhythm and those throat-shredding vocals. High Horse, a less controlled and messier effort, Hard Up’s excellent punkish, frenetic spirit and I’d Remember’s weird post-edge guitars and surprisingly catchy bass beat. All capable of thrilling and confusing in equal measures. However, it never stops being fun to listen to.

Hence, why the finale of the album seemingly comes so suddenly. With just over a minute of screeching feedback and chaotic noise from Two Killers and the carefully plotted out dark distorted rumbling of Belly of the River. Arguably the album’s finest moment and a sure fire example of just how brilliant Dead Mammals can be.

Don’t be put off by the ‘noise-rock’ tag, there’s so much more to Dead Mammals and finding out just what that is, is part of the fun.

Dead Mammals – Dead Mammals Full Track Listing:

1. Bricks
2. Poor Cow
3. Jughead
4. Desperate Like Me
5. LS-51
6. High Horse
7. Hard Up
8. I’d Remember
9. Two Killers
10. Belly of the River


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Dead Mammals - Dead Mammals (Forbidden Place Records/Trepanation Recordings)
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