Album Review: Dead Furies – Rock City a Go Go (Dragstrip Riot Records)

Dead Furies are a trio hailing from Tallinn, Estonia and released Rock City a Go Go earlier this year. They play high energy rock n’ roll with a bit of punk rock attitude. Taking influences from proto punk bands like The Stooges & The Heartbreakers to 90’s garage punk like Supersuckers, New Bomb Turks and Rocket from the Crypt.

Dead Furies 2

Containing 12 tracks of fast, upbeat rock n’ roll music, Rock City a Go Go is all about the good times. The time spent with friends, a nice glass of liquor in some dead-end bar and your favourite rock band on the jukebox.

A fun listen, tracks like On a Mystery Train, Surfin’ Craze and Blood & Coke show the blend of rock and punk that Dead Furies are so good at. It’s also easy to spot the influences that has helped craft this album. Feast of the Vampyr has a familiar feel to it for fans of early Misfits, Black Jeans/White Boots has the snarl of Motorhead and Jailhouse Romero has Iggy running through it!



Not that Rock City a Go Go doesn’t sound like its own thing. Dead Furies have crafted a rock ‘n roll album that gets the body moving and brings the soul to life. Its confident approach is akin to the leather-jacketed bad-ass stepping into the seedy bar. Everyone’s attention is on it.

Short and punchy tracks keep things interesting and there is enough variety to make each track stand proudly on their own feet. The perfect length, the title track ends things as they begun even though it’s also the longest of the album. Groovy rock riffs, upbeat rhythm, the right touch of punk to make the eyes widen and inclusion of keyboards ensures you’ll be humming this long afterwards.

Dead Furies 1

Dead Furies – Rock City a Go Go Full Track Listing:

1. Getcha Kicks
2. Take A Chance with Me
3. On a Mystery Train
4. Feast of the Vampyr
5. Surfin’ Craze
6. Black Jeans/White Boots
7. No Reason to Die
8. Blood & Coke
9. Jailhouse Romero
10. Working Class Zero
11. Aloha Baby
12. Rock City a Go Go

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You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp, stream via Spotify, Soundcloud and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by going to their website, Facebook Page, following them on Twitter, Instagram and watching their videos on YouTube.

Dead Furies - Rock City a Go Go (Dragstrip Riot Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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